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check calendar for more information

Monday night at the Bridgeport Shooting Range we hold either Plate Shoots or IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association).

Why shoot in competitions?

  • It is a lot more fun just shooting at one individual target
  • You get to meet new people that enjoy the sport of shooting as much as you
  • You get to use your target acquisition techniques and improve on them since now you are shooting at multiple targets and maybe even moving and shooting, depending on which competition your shooting in.
  • IDPA It is the closest you're going to get to a high adrenalin level
  • You will find yourself having a lot of fun

So check out our calendar and see when the next time where are having fun and if you would like to just come down and watch to see what it is all about, be our guest. I think you will be surprised on how much fun this is.

IDPA is as close to a real world situation as you can get without being in one. You need to be accurate and fast, while moving from one spot to another while engaging your next target. You might have to shoot from a sitting position or kneeling. You will shoot from behind cover or through a window. Each scenario is different. All under pressure of the clock.

To learn more about IDPA

Competition Shooting

Monday Night Plates and IDPA @ BSR



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To learn more about IDPA


As for Plate Shooting. there are to sets of 5 steel plates approximately 35 feet down range. You shoot against another person with the goal of knocking your rack of plates down first. At the end of all the rotations your points are added up and then you will be classed according to your shooting skill and shooting against those with the same skills. Now it is just a process of elimination.

So again come on down and have more fun shooting than you do now. What a fun way to practice and put your skills to the test.

Hope to see you there!

All Rights Reserved - Bridgeport Shooting Range, LLC - 1918 Stratford Ave - Bridgeport, CT - 203-330-9772