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David's Performance and Training Corner

With David Salthouse from APC, Inc.
Director of Training & Program Development

Welcome to David's Corner. Here David and other instructors write articles on what we need to know to keep us safe and information on the latest training technics and equipment we need. So come and explore and see what they have to say. If there is something your interested in and the instructors has not written about it yet contact David at and tell him what you would like him to review.

Here is the link to David's newest articles via Tumblelog

David's Article Archives


Anchor Point - A Review of the 5.11 Operator Belt


Hydration Facts For The Combat Athlete - A Tall Glass of Water


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The Little Big Gun


Are You Ready?


Novatac 120T


I Want to Buy a Gun… Now What? by John Ritchie, Senior Instructor APC, Inc.


Laser All the Way by John Ritchie, Senior Instructor APC, Inc.


Shoot 'n' Scoot


Revolver or Semi Automatic - Who is the King of Concealed Carry


The Cop Tool -When a normal knife just won’t cut it…or pry it, or chisel it!


What’s in Your Pocket? -A quick look at the Desantis Nemesis Pocket Holster


Summary Time Carry - Keeping Your Defensive Cool When the Heat Goes Up


SURE, YOU TRAIN -But What About Your Family?


WEAPON MANAGEMENT -The Art of Keeping Your Gun in the Fight!


The Sharpest Knife in the Drawer, A Quick Look at a New Model of an Old Classic - The Spyderco Endura4


Holiday Safety - Don't Let Your Guard Down!


Under Pressure!


Quotes To Learn By!


Too Attached?Are Weapon Mounted Lights Worth While?


Get It Out, Get It Up, Stop the Threat


ZEM Hearing Protection by SensGard -Equipment Review


Packing for a Training


The Travel Wrench


Advanced Tactics Workshop - What is it all about?


David's Performance and Training Corner


Night Sights - Yes or No?


Exhaustion & Fatigue - Two Very Formidable Adversaries


Charter Arms - All American Firearms


Understanding Holsters


Sell by 9/1/07 - Does Training Have an Expiration Date?

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword -Equipment Review: Timberline Lightfoot Combat Pen


Feel the Burn


Control the Night!


What's In Your Tool Box?


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