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A Wrench That Should Be In Everyone’s Tool Box
The Travel Wrench

I have been a student of defensive tactics all of my adult life. In my studies I have been exposed to all kinds of martial arts and defensive weapons. Some are more effective then others, but they all have one thing in common. They require a lot of training to use them effectively. An additional problem that a lot of defensive weapons systems have is that they need to be concealed. We all know that action beats reaction all of the time. A defensive tool that can be kept in the hand, ready to go when you are walking to your car in a parking lot is much quicker to deploy and thus in most cases more effective then a concealed defensive tool.

Most of my friends and students know I am a big fan of palm sticks or mini batons. I do not own a set of keys that doesn’t have one of those on it, or a small flashlight. They are great to have in your hand ready to go. They can be deployed quickly and a very strong tool when using control point tactics or strikes. I am always on the quest to find the perfect key chain tool to deploy these tactics. It was during this quest that I came across the topic of today’s review, The Travel Wrench.

The Travel Wrench is a palm sized “tool” constructed from injection-molded plastic. It is lightweight and very easy to carry. There is a large finger loop and four different sized wrench holes and written along the side says “Travel Wrench”. You can also receive a removable clip so you can clip it on to a belt or in a pocket. It was designed by a real switched on fellow named Datu Worden. He is a nationally renowned Filipino martial arts practitioner and instructor. Worden had designed several knives and based the design of the Travel Wrench on the Karambit, a style of knife from the Philippines.

To use the Travel Wrench, place in into your strong hand. Hold it with you index finger through the hole in the handle. Once in your hand you get an immediate idea of the potential. The surface is suitable for striking or control points on the top and bottom of the wrench. This allows you to make powerful combos to stun or disable an attacker long enough to escape the area.  In the hand, it is very discreet and wouldn’t stand out with keys attached walking to you car.

An additional benefit of the Travel Wrench is that due to the design, almost any technique you use can be done with an empty hand, knife or mini baton. This helps with the consistency of training and skill building.

It is very hard to put into words how useful this tool is. I received one several months ago and have carried it every day since. I encourage you to stop down and check it out for yourself. Even after only being shown a couple of moves, you will be interested, I am sure. We are also planning on developing a class that not only covers the Travel Wrench but many other small control and striking tools. The Travel Wrench is for sale at the Range for $10. That price includes the removable pocket/belt clip. I doubt that you will be able to find a comparable self defense system for anywhere near the price. Pick one up and experiment. Please show me any techniques you like and maybe I will integrate into our training class.

Stay Safe and as always, I encourage you to email me with ideas for future articles or training classes you would like to see.
Be safe and remember, Failing to Train is Training to Fail!
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