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What’s in Your Pocket? - A quick look at the Desantis Nemesis Pocket Holster

When it comes to my preferred method of carry, it is no secret I advocate strong side, belt mounted holsters. That said, there are times where due your situation you cannot carry a belt mounted carry system. In my opinion, the best solution is pocket carry. Pocket carry is almost as simple as it sounds. Carrying a firearm in one’s pocket. To accomplish this task, we are going to look at a product that is very effective and affordable. The Desantis Nemesis Pocket Holster.

Why do I need a pocket holster, can’t I just slip the firearm in my pocket?

Many people have found out why pocket holsters are so important and some have learned the hard way. A firearm, whether a pistol or revolver, will in time wear a hole in your pocket. Not a big deal until the pockets breaks causing your firearms to ride the inside of your pant leg to the floor. Talk about a crowd pleaser. Another problem is pistols orientation in your pocket.  Without a pocket holster your gun will naturally fall to rest upside down. In the event you need access to your weapon, it is important that the gun is in a position allowing you to get that firing grip while it is still in your pocket without fumbling around. The last story I am going to tell you involves a Kel-Tec  P-32 riding in the same pocket as keychain that had a Maglite Solitaire flashlight on it. The light found its way into the trigger guard of the Kel-Tec. All it took was a movement of the owner leg to cause the light to pull the trigger, BANG! Luckily for the owner, the round went out instead of in and he wasn’t hurt, but the injury potential was very high.

The Nemesis is a nylon holster that is custom formed for specific firearm models.  The inside is smooth and the outside is covered in a rubber waffled pattern Desantis compares to fly paper.  The reason I like this holster so much is that it is super simple.  The design is ambidextrous, sized to fit in many pockets and it works well. As you grab your firearm, the rubber on the outside sticks to the inside of your pocket, while the smooth inside allows the gun to draw clear. This is very different then other holsters that use a “hook” to catch the corner of a pocket on its way out.  The holster is padded and while it adds a little bulk, it makes pocket carry more comfortable and will reduce printing and clothing wear.

To test this holster out, I have been using a Nemesis for a couple of weeks with a Ruger LCR. I carried the holster in a variety of pocket sizes and materials. I completed hundreds of draws and even in baggy pockets, I never once had the holster come out with the gun. A feature I liked a lot was that I could draw the gun inside of the pocket. This gives me the ability to draw and engage a close distance threat with the gun inside the pocket keeping the element of surprise.

Desantis also makes a line of pocket magazine holders called “Mag Packer”.  The product is modeled from the Nemesis Holster and is a great idea. I recall during a firearms qualification in the police academy, pulling a magazine out of my pocket and loading it. There was a gum wrapper stuck in the mag and it caused a catastrophic failure. A pocket mag carrier not only keeps the magazine oriented in the right position, but keeps it free of pocket lint and other pocket gold.

In closing, kudos to Desantis for putting together a slick pocket carry package and keeping the price low, MSRP is around $20, but you can find them less online. If you do decide to use these tools, like any knew carry technique, time needs to be spent building muscle memory. Drawing around 500 times should achieve that. Remember that no matter how good the pocket holster is, some positions such as sitting in a car make it hard to draw. Plan accordingly. While on the topic of pocket carry, we a pleased to host my friend Michael de Bethencourt and his fantastic training programs in October. His Snubby classes are unmatched and are a must for anyone who carried a snub nose revolver for defensive carry. For more information go to our training and event calendar to find out when Michael will be here next

Be safe and remember, Failing to Train is Training to Fail!
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