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The Cop Tool - When a normal knife just won’t cut it…or pry it, or chisel it!

Jobs in law enforcement and public safety are like no other. At times, you are called upon to deal with situations and problems that are “not in the training book”. There is no option of failure, you have to fix whatever is wrong. You have no choice because if you don’t someone gets hurt or dies. To make matters worse, you have to fix the problem using your brain and whatever you brought with you.  In the spirit of that challenge, a knife has been designed as the solution. The Wilson Combat/Boker plus Cop Tool. Don’t let the name scare you away. This knife is designed for, and begs for hard use in whatever industry you work in!

The Cop Tool is a simple concept, that was brilliantly put together by Roy Huntington, a police officer with more than twenty years of experience. The Cop Tool is a small stout package, measuring at 6” overall and weighing 4.2 oz. The strong fixed blade is made from high performance 440C stainless steel and is bead blasted creating an almost gun metal finish. The Handles are textured G10 and are slip resistant and removable for easy cleaning. The knife offers a 1 ¾ inch aggressively serrated blade, A sharp chisel tip and a seatbelt/cord cutter on the backside of the blade. Included in the package are a lanyard fob and a leather sheath with a clip for boot or belt use.

This knife was originally put out by Wilson Combat, with a matching price tag. A very nice package, but priced at over $100, not to many people were anxious to use this knife to its full potential. Boker came into the game and was able to mass produce a model and bring it to market at a significantly discounted price ($59.95 MSRP). This makes the knife more attractive to its intended market, hard users. You all know who you are because you have a drawer full of broken knives. At its release I couldn’t resist and picked one up to see what the fuss was about.

This knife is compact, but very tough. The knife fits well in the hand, but feels like a tool, not a knife. It is thick, heavy in the hand and feels indestructible.  This size is just big enough to get cutting and prying jobs done, but not scare people and cause mass panic when it is deployed.  Just before the blade, there is a deep finger grove and depressions on the side. Partnered with the G10 grip, the knife feels like it is welded to your hand during use, even with gloves on. The sheath provided is good quality and offers a clip large enough to fit a standard duty belt, a nice feature a lot of manufactures miss. The knife fits either way into the sheath and it kept close to the body. I prefer boot carry for this knife and the sheath fits well without digging into my leg. I would prefer a kydex sheath with some different carry positions, but those can always be custom made at a reasonable price in the aftermarket.

The blade or blades depending on how you look at this tool are razor sharp from Boker. I have found they make light work of standard cutting duties, but where this tool excels is its ability to take abuse. In testing this knife I took advantage of some discarded wood furniture and construction debris.  I wedged the chisel point into small joints and pried away cracking the wood apart like it was a dry twig. If you can get a good purchase, the tang is exposed so you can tap it in with another piece of wood. After a little “experimenting” prying, screwing, cutting and breaking things, I examined the blade and short of a little scratching, there was no damage to the knife.

In conclusion, I think the Boker Cop Tool adds a lot of options to your tool box. It can be carried on your person easily and give you a backup knife (utility and self defense), seatbelt cutter, chisel and pry bar in one slick package. Now keep in mind, although it is a tool, it is still a fixed blade knife so you should check your local laws & department policies prior to carrying it. The knife if available online from many retailers, but it is very popular and sells out fast. I recommend it highly, but please try to control the urge to pry everything apart when it arrives in the mail!

Note: The Cop Tool blade design has also used on a unique folding knife made by 888 Eight Professional Knives. I have not had a chance to test this model out, but it is a pretty good looking package and is more readily available then the Boker version.



Be safe and remember, Failing to Train is Training to Fail!
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