Membership Rates and Structure

Since February 2002, we have kept our prices the same. Despite our best efforts to maintain consistency in pricing for all users of the range facility and due to current economic issues, we are forced to take measures that will allow us to meet the increasing costs associated with running a clean and safe indoor shooting facility. Therefore, effective February 1, 2010, the following will become effective:

  • Annual Membership Fee and Member of NRA (Individual) - $210.00

  • Annual Membership Fee for Family and Member of NRA (non Public Safety): $285.00 (Only one family member needs to be a member of the NRA to receive this membership discount and all family members must live at same address)

  • Annual Membership Fee and Non Member of NRA (Individual) - $250.00 (The $40 can be applied to your NRA Membership if you wish)

  • Annual Membership Fee for Family and Non Member of NRA (non Public Safety): $325.00 (The $40 can be applied to your NRA Membership if you wish)

  • Annual Membership Fee for Public Safety & Security Persons (First Responders) - $ 135.00

  • Annual Membership Fee for Family Public Safety & Security Persons (First Responders): $210.00

  • (First Responder) Non NRA Member: Would like to join NRA? Add an additional $40

BSR Membership Application:Click here to download a pdf form of our membership application. Fill it out and bring it with you on your next visit.

If you would like to become and NRA Member or if you need to renew or update your NRA membership click here and follow the online instructions. Bring receipt or your NRA Member number with you to show proof of membership .


Fee payable in full at beginning of a 12 month period.

Membership allows person(s) access during normal business hours and will receive range use preference over a non-member. Family members consist of immediate family only. (Must live in the same house)

Membership sales are final and are not subject to proration and are non-refundable.


All APC and BSR courses:

If you are a member and would like to take advantage of our training facility and courses, any course except for Guest Instructor classes will receive a 10% discount. Guests of Members shall not be charged if using same port/lane and do not exceed two (2) hours. Anything after two (2) hours will be charged at normal range rates.(a guest is considered to be someone who has never been to this range before).


Range Rate:

Hand Guns and Long Guns:

Members: $11 per visit per lane

Non Members: Half Hour $15 Hour $25

If you have any questions on the memberships please contact us