About The Training

No one understands the importance of professional training more than we do. Self empowerment is achievable primarily through the mastery of information. We are dedicated to that mission. Offering a highly qualified in-house and adjunct staff, primarily of Military and Law Enforcement backgrounds, we position ourselves uniquely to work with you and for you, to assist you in meeting your training needs. Our facility or yours, our trainers or yours, we will work with you and for you so we can meet your training needs together. From customized curriculum to a safe and enjoyable training environment, we exist as a resource for you to utilize.


Our instructors are experienced in all aspects of self-defense and the shooting sports.  Our instructors range from the average person who enjoys the sport of shooting to Military, Law Enforcement, Corrections and Security.  Our staff is knowledgeable, extremely friendly and will help you with all of your shooting needs.  If you have not met us yet, please stop in and see what we are all about.


As an insured responsible business, dedicated to training mission, we are committed to making our facility a place that you want to visit and use. For this reason, your comments and suggestions are encouraged and welcomed. From the entire staff at The Bridgeport Shooting Range, we hope to see you soon and we want to thank you for our success and for your business.