If you are interested in learning more about IDPA but are not an IDPA member or classified, you can attend and watch a match. The Match Director will further assist you on how you can become involved.

There will be a max of 2 new shooters allowed to shoot IDPA per match. All new shooters must attend a brief safety meeting at 5:30 PM prior to the start of the match. New shooters will be allowed to shoot in a max of 2 matches without being an IDPA member.

All participants must be safe and proficient with their firearm and must follow all firearms and BSR safety rules. The IDPA Match Director has full discretion regarding all the above criteria.

Important Things You Need To Know

  • You must be a current IDPA member
  • ALL Firearms Safety Rules Apply
  • During IDPA competition at BSR, we run a cold range.
  • ALL firearms will remain unloaded & holstered until called to the line.
  • Firearms can only be handled in the Safe Area or under the supervision of the Safety Officer.
  • Participants MUST be safe & proficient with their firearm

Gear To Bring

  • IDPA Legal Firearm
  • At least 3 loading devices
  • Holster and double magazine/speed loader pouch
  • 150-200 Rounds of Ammunition
  • Concealment Vest
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • Tactical Flashlight

Recommended Reading -IDPA New Shooters Information Packet